Chromium water

Manufacturers are divided into those who use high-quality and environmental raw materials, and those who reduce the price of their products through the use of low-grade, and even unsafe materials.


Today we will talk about such an element as chrome.


Chromium is a chemical element that is a solid metallic substance. It belongs to the group of heavy metals. This group of elements is part of many enzymes and is involved in many biological processes. At the same time, these heavy metals and their compounds have a negative impact on the human body and the environment as a whole.


Some manufacturers of metal, especially the budget, use chromium as a cheaper element, which is added to the alloy to enhance the corrosion resistance of the zinc coating. This has its advantages: the first is cheap for the manufacturer, the second is chromium is a rather hard element, resistant to oxidation in the atmosphere and in water. At the same time, there are serious drawbacks. First, this element is fragile: at low temperatures as well as at high temperatures, it is prone to cracks. Second, it negatively affects the human body.


When it rains, water flows through the metal roof or gutter, and if there is damage to the paintwork and zinc is “bare”, then chromium ions from the latter, together with water, drain and seep into the soil, falling into the layers of the earth and the groundwater.


If you have a well or well, then it is likely that chromium will be found in the water. Even if you order drinking water in bottles, and this is used for technical purposes, everything is smooth: washing dishes, floor, etc., chromium ions remain on the surface; watering the garden – vegetables and fruits will be dangerous to eat. Lying down on the green grass on a hot summer day is no longer as safe, exactly the same as walking barefoot on the grass, because chrome will be on the surface of the grass.


Chromium accumulates in the cells of the body, and it is almost impossible to remove it. When a certain concentration in the body is reached, chromium can cause severe poisoning and mutations. Chromium ions clog the canals of the liver and kidneys, and settle on the walls of the body systems, thus reducing their functional and filtration capacity. Accordingly, this leads to the accumulation of toxins and to the invisibility of the body products of organ cells. As a result, self-poisoning of the body occurs. Excess chromium can cause ulcers on the mucous membranes, allergies, eczema and dermatitis, nervous disorders, respiratory diseases.


How to avoid it? It’s simple.


Choose only high-quality materials for your home, including high-quality drain Aqueduct.


The metal water waste system Aqueduct is made from a special metal of the Swedish concern SSAB. This metal has an increased service life and high anti-corrosion properties, and at the same time complies with all environmental standards ISO 14001. The metal from SSAB does not contain any alloys with toxic and unsafe metals.


Buying a gutter Aqueduct, you will be confident in the quality and safety of the material. It will not only protect the facade and foundation of the house, but also protect your health and the health of your loved ones.


Make the right choice: get a quality metal drainage system Aqueduct at a fair price!

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