Care for the gutter during the winter

The time of frost and cold has come! December already covered with snow “hats” the roofs of houses, and this only the beginning of winter … Every owner who has a private house or cottage should take care of measures to protect against the destruction and deformation of external facing, facade and roofing materials at home. These measures relate to the drainage system as well as to the wrong one care (at any time of year), the life of the operator is significantly reduced.


There are several rules or tips to ensure the security and functionality
drainage systems in the winter.

1.The aquatic system must comply with local climatic conditions. Climate almost in all regions of Ukraine is moderately continental, with pronounced seasons, i.e. with temperature fluctuations. In the summer there can be unbearable heat, and in the winter – strong frosts, such “Jumps” of temperature, not every drainage system can withstand. Plastic in such conditions becomes brittle, and under the weight of snow and ice the troughs break, crack. For Ukrainian a more durable metal drain that can withstand the realities severe weather.


2. An important condition for preserving the drainage system is compliance with the instructions for mounting When installing, you must comply with all the rules and guidelines specified in instructions. For example, for the aqueduct metal drainage system, the main rules installations are as follows:

  • Create a slope of a trough of at least 5 mm by one meter of running gear to provide sufficient
    flow of water into the funnel through the chute.
  • From the roof of the roof, over the groove should not be more than 1/3 of the diameter of the trough, which would be water from
    the roof fell exactly in the groove.
  • The distance between the gutters should be 1-2 mm, to ensure horizontal expansion
  • The distance between the brackets: no more than 600mm that would withstand snow loads.
  • All elements of the water drainage system Aqueduct should be tightly interconnected
    by itself, it provides TPE-seals on connectors of the chute and plugs, compression on


3. Each drain need clearing of leaves, branches and various debris. Kilns, funnels and gutter pipes should be cleaned after autumn. So you prepare a drain for the future
winter If you do not do this, in the trenches ice is frozen, and the water will splash on the facade of the house, will wet the walls (this is a good condition for mold).



In order to clean the drainage from garbage and dirt it is enough to wipe everything with a brush, in hard-to-reach places – hands, wearing thick gloves, and rinse with water from the under strong pressure.


4. Another way of protecting the gutter in the winter is to install snow shields on the roof,to prevent snow slides and their maintenance. Even the most robust and reliable system cancollapse under the heavy weight of snow masses.



5.The last tip is a periodic cleaning of the roof from the snow. Do it yourself you can, but not recommended, if you are unprepared, and you do not have a special inventory, it is better entrust this business to professionals. Some brigades installing the roof and drainage also provide seasonal cleaning services from the roof of the snow.


Термостойкость сырья ТМ Акведук


By fulfilling these conditions, you guarantee yourself no worries with periodic repairs and replacement gutter elements.


On our site, in the section “Documentation”, you can find the installation instructions and instructions for periodic cleaning of the metal drainage aqueduct. Our company cares about that .You, while buying the Aqueduct metal drainage system, were sure of the quality an product reliability, so we provide a warranty of 50 years.


You can buy Aqueduct through a network of dealerships of companies that are located on all over Ukraine, in each region. You can find the list of our dealers in the section
our site “Where to buy”.

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