Metallic or PVC, that is the question

What drainage system to install: metal or PVC? This question cares how developers, and, above all, homeowners. Which drain is better, what is the difference, how long
it will serve, and other questions on this topic, today we will discuss in this article.


There are two types of material from which produce drain: metal and plastic (PVC). But metal, like PVC, I am of different types and quality.


Metal has been and remains a popular material for the production of drainage systems. Metal drainage systems according to the type of metal from which they are made,
can be divided into galvanized, galvanized steel with polymer coating, from magnesium zinc, aluminum-zinc and copper.


Despite the differences, all types of metal drain have several advantages:


  • High strength and resistance to damage.
  • Durability. The term of operation of metal gutters starts from 10 years and comes to
    century boundary.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric phenomena.
  • Heat resistance: minimal expansion at positive temperatures and, accordingly,
    compression at subzero temperatures.
  • Drainage systems made of plastic (PVC) appeared relatively recently on the market of Ukraine
    presented for over 15 years. In such a short time gained popularity among consumers, and
    occupied a significant niche market gutters. The main advantage of plastic drains is
    low price (comparing with metal).


Plastic drain, compared to metal, is not as durable and reliable, it does not always able to cope with loads. Snow and ice, moving down from the roof (especially the roof is large
square), often damage plastic. This leads to the replacement of elements of the drainage system, and this extra costs. Heavy rain with hail, and other weather adverse events, also
can damage such a drain.


Ultraviolet is also a destructive factor for plastic: it eventually loses the original appearance, the color burns out, the drain “dries out”, which leads to cracks.


High-quality metal drain guarantees you a long service life. Overpaying once – You will be sure that you will not need to spend money on its periodic repair and replacement


Metal drainage system “Aqueduct” is made of galvanized steel with a thickness 0.6 mm, with a polyurethane coating of 35 microns on each side, which guarantees strength and resistance to damage and the external environment. Scandinavian gutter shape (with round section) perfectly withstands the load. Such a drain can safely withstand the weight of the stairs and man on it, without the risk of deformation. The warranty on the drainage system “Aqueduct” 50 years!


What kind of drainage system to choose for the house, metal or plastic, decides only master. But the main thing is that the drain should be of high quality and reliable, protect the foundation from the flow water, supported the aesthetics of the facade.

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