Invisible murderers in your home

Stachybotrys chartarum is not a spell from the Harry Potter books. This is one of the most dangerous killers that can be at your home. This killer is black mold that appears in wet places.


Mold  is a frequent and one of the most painful problems of private houses, apartments and any other premises. People over the years can inhale spores, and blame all health problems on viruses and epidemics. Until it is too late.


It is capable of causing great harm to human health. Respiratory diseases, allergies, dermatosis, headaches, otitis media, nausea, heart disease, are the most common symptoms of mold spores. It is even capable of disrupting the structure of DNA!


Especially in children, mold allergy is common. If a child is in constant contact with mold, he can get sick for a lifetime.


Immunity and susceptibility to mold are different for everyone, therefore the severity of the consequences of being in an infected place will also be different.


In homes, mold most often manifests itself as a formation of blue, green, red or yellow spots and in the form of black dots. The ideal conditions for the appearance of mold are heat and dampness in the room: humidity is more than 60% and the temperature is above + 15 ° C. Most often mold fungi appear in the corner rooms, bathrooms, basements, in any poorly ventilated and damp rooms and on any materials.


It is important to remember that it is much easier and cheaper to prevent the appearance of mold than to fight it.


One of the causes of mold are:

  • Oblique rain showers: in the absence of a reliable metal drainage system, if the drain gutters are clogged or if they are not operational (cracks and sagging), water causes a through-wet wall, and, as a consequence, mold.
  • Capillary wetting of the walls from the foundation: if there is no waterproofing, as well as the absence / improper functioning of the metal drainage system, which prevents the discharge of sewage from the foundation of the house.

Secure your home – get a high-quality metal drain Aqueduct and hire a professional brigade. This will be an investment not only in the aesthetic component, clean facade without streaks, but also in the health of the whole family.


Among construction supervisors there is a frequent opinion that PVC gutters will cope with this task, and metal drainage is an unnecessary luxury. They do not say the most important thing: the drain from PVC will serve in its ideal condition, without first leaks from the power of 5 years, and then the problems will only increase.


The metal drain Aqueduct will serve you up to 50 years and this is confirmed by a written guarantee! We maintain all European production quality standards and use the best Swedish metal – SSAB.


Secure your home, yourself and your loved ones – buy high-quality building materials. Buy high-quality metal drain Aqueduct at a fair price.

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