New item: spider

Many homeowners prefer to build houses in the area of ​​coniferous and deciduous trees, which
would create such a pleasant shadow and comfort of any country house. But, unfortunately, needles and foliage
Falls and falls on the roof, and with the next rain and into the drainage system. And this problem
requires the right decision.


During the season, the amount of such debris in the gutter will grow and accumulations may begin to form,
with heavy rain, they can get into the drainpipe and create a “cork”,
preventing the withdrawal of water from the gutter. To solve this problem, it is necessary to beat out
water is clogged or the drain pipe is cleaned with a plunger.


Aqueduct company is ready to offer its customers the optimal solution – a spider, which
fastens in a funnel and protects a pipe from a contamination. Mounted in the most key place and not
affects the gutter’s transmissive capacity, but ensures that all large debris remains
where it is easiest to remove is in the gutter.


The advantage of the spider over other solutions, such as protective nets in the gutter and analogs, is
that it does not close the whole gutter. Safety nets are often clogged with foliage and the flow of water stops
fall into the gutter – the water just overflows.


To ensure that the water flow is always smooth, the spider must be cleaned at least once a year.
from adhering debris, along with cleaning the entire drainage system Aqueduct.

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